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Ткаббер 0.11 увидел свет :)

Группа Open Source

Вышел долгожданный выпуск замечательного и самого функционального многоплатформенного Jabber клиента.

Изменения и новости в новом релизе:

  • New tabbed user interface. Tab headers now occupy several rows and tab bar can be docked to the left and right sides of chat window
  • Roster filter
  • Added support for pixmaps (in particular emoticons) JISP archives (XEP-0038)
  • Added support for SOCKS4a and SOCKS5 proxy for the main connection
  • Added user location support (XEP-0080)
  • Added user mood support (XEP-0107)
  • Added user activity support (XEP-0108)
  • Added user tune support (XEP-0118)
  • Added entity capabilities (XEP-0115 v.1.5, only reporting) support
  • Added basic robot challenges support (XEP-0158, v.0.9)
  • Added partial data forms media element support (XEP-0221, v.0.2, URIs and images only)
  • Roster is now exported to XML instead of Tcl list
  • Added support for entity time (XEP-0202)
  • Tkabber version is now reported in disco#info (XEP-0232)
  • Moved deprecated Jabber Browser (XEP-0011) to an external plugin
  • Moved Jidlink file transfer to an external plugin
  • Added several new plugins: attline, ctcomp, custom-urls, floatinglog, gmail, openurl, presencecmd, receipts
  • Many fixes and enhancements

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