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[внезапно] вышел Transmission 1.70

All Platforms
Distributed hash table (DHT) support for public torrents
Add option for moving and finding a torrent's data on the disk
JSON RPC messages can be ~85% shorter, saving bandwidth and CPU
When available, use the system's copy of libevent instead of building one
Automatically pause torrents when verifying
Fix small bugs and memory leaks
Fix intltool build problem
Make it clearer that the status bar's ratio mode button is a button
Torrent comment box did not scroll, so long comments were partially hidden
Initial torrent list was sometimes incorrect
Add-torrent-and-delete-source deleted the source even if there was an error
Prefs dialog didn't show or modify "Stop seeding torrents at ratio"

drone901 ()

[терминал] No such file or directory

может тупой вопрос, но

drone@drone-desktop:/windows/Музыка$ ls
Alternative, Grunge, Emocore Funeral, Drone Doom Metal
Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone Gothic, Doom Metal
Death Metal Industrial, Dark Electro, EBM
Depressive Black Metal Other
Dreampop, Darkwave Sympho, Viking, Black Metal
drone@drone-desktop:/windows/Музыка$ cd /windows/Музыка/Dreampop, Darkwave
bash: cd: /windows/Музыка/Dreampop,: No such file or directory

как перейти?

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