Linux 2.6.17: странности при сборке



При компиляции этой версии ядра стало вылезать следующее сообщение:

System is 1382 kB
Kernel: arch/i386/boot/bzImage is ready (#4)
Building modules, stage 2.
WARNING: drivers/acpi/processor.o - Section mismatch: reference to from .text between 'acpi_processor_power_init' (at offset 0xecf) and 'acpi_safe_halt'

Это только у меня или что-то опять недокрутили в ядре?


Re: Linux 2.6.17: странности при сборке

версия gcc не 4 что-то там?

fghj ★★★★★ ()

Re: Linux 2.6.17: странности при сборке

Недокрутили, однако:

И собственно, ответ:

Based on my source code reading, it is just scary but harmless.
alternatives_smp_unlock() and alternatives_smp_lock() are passed
beginning and end addresses of text sections and they ignore
(init/exit) code addresses that are outside of the text code
One comment says:
/* .text segment, needed to avoid patching init code ;) */
and the code does appear to implement that.
I would make one small change to the code, however.
In alternatives_smp_lock() and alternatives_smp_unlock(), change

if (*ptr > text_end)
if (*ptr >= text_end)
because text_end is text_start + text_size, so text_end could be
the beginning of the next section. However, in practice this
may not matter.

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