Зачем UblockOrigin знать мой IP-адрес?

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Firefox меня предупредил, что Ublock Origin теперь требует новые права, а конкретно: информацию об имени компьютера и его IP-адрес. Зачем ему это? Теперь у меня в браузере персональный дианонимизатор?


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Для Ъ:

The change is nothing to do with uncovering your IP address - it is to stop a way to sneak around your rules.

An example of what used to work:

  • You have blocked in your uBlock rules
  • wants to use a tracker supplied by, but you have * blocked
  • So, is created (which would still be blocked) and also (which won't be blocked since you want to go to and use that site)
  • is a cname (like an alias for a dns record) so now requests to go to
  • You visit and the badguys' server sneaks in, since the uBlock never saw being mentioned

This new version of uBlock «uncloaks» the request to and discovers that it’s actually This is why it needs the dns permission, which is what that warning is about.

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