dc 10 video capture problem



Hello, I have pIII 450 mhz running with Red Hat Linux 8.0 and already installed drivers for Miro DC 10: insmod i2c-old; insmod saa7110; insmod adv7175; insmod videodev; insmod zr36067 After it I can view image from my video tape recorder or a camcorder connected to the video capture board with xawtv application.

I write thisi config file for xawtv: [defaults] input = Composite norm = pal capture = overlay

[global] freqtab = europe-west #mixer = line jpeg-quality = 75 fullscreen = 720x540 mov-driver = avi mov-video = mjpeg mov-fps = 25 mov-audio = stereo

And after all that, I can't capture, because of following errors: ioctl: VIVDIOCMCAPTURE(0,fmt=1,size=48x24): Invalid argument no way to get: 384x288 MJPEG (AVI) Please, help me! I don't wanna make video editing with windows, couse I have not and don't want install it to ma PC.


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