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Собственно, стал я обладателем сабжа, теперь хочу подключить его к машине с Linux, но как это сделать - не знаю. Буду презнателен за любую помощь.

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Re: HP iPaq rx1950

Эх, если бы было ысё так просто...
Вот что есть на сайте SynCE:

Find out USB information about your device
In order to find out if your Linux kernel is ready for your Windows CE device you shall connect the Windows CE device to the PC with the USB cable, but first you should save a list of the current USB devices, to make it easy to find the new device. Run this command:
cat /proc/bus/usb/devices > /tmp/before
Now connect your Windows CE device and make sure it is turned on. Wait a few seconds and run a similar command to get the list of USB devices including the Windows CE device:
cat /proc/bus/usb/devices > /tmp/after
After running the command above you should disconnect your Windows CE device.
Now you shall compare the two files to find out the USB information about your device:
diff /tmp/before /tmp/after
The output from the above command will look something like this:
> T:  Bus=02 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=00 Cnt=01 Dev#= 10 Spd=12  MxCh= 0
> D:  Ver= 1.00 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=ff Prot=ff MxPS= 8 #Cfgs=  1
> P:  Vendor=049f ProdID=0003 Rev= 0.00
> C:* #Ifs= 1 Cfg#= 1 Atr=c0 MxPwr=  2mA
> I:  If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 2 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=ff Prot=ff Driver=ipaq
> E:  Ad=01(O) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  64 Ivl=0ms
> E:  Ad=82(I) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  16 Ivl=0ms
Important parts of the output have been marked with red color, and may be referenced in the instructions below.
Class, subclass and protocol
Does your USB device presents itself like this? Compare the parts marked with red color.
T:  Bus=02 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=00 Cnt=01 Dev#=  9 Spd=12  MxCh= 0
D:  Ver= 2.00 Cls=ef(unk. ) Sub=01 Prot=01 MxPS=16 #Cfgs=  1
P:  Vendor=0bb4 ProdID=0b01 Rev= 0.00
S:  Manufacturer=MSFT
S:  Product=PocketPC USB Sync
C:* #Ifs= 2 Cfg#= 1 Atr=c0 MxPwr=500mA
I:  If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 1 Cls=ef(unk. ) Sub=01 Prot=01 Driver=(none)
E:  Ad=81(I) Atr=03(Int.) MxPS=   8 Ivl=1ms
I:  If#= 1 Alt= 0 #EPs= 2 Cls=0a(data ) Sub=00 Prot=00 Driver=(none)
E:  Ad=82(I) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  64 Ivl=0ms
E:  Ad=03(O) Atr=02(Bulk) MxPS=  64 Ivl=0ms
If your device matches the above it does not work with SynCE or the ipaq kernel driver and will most likely crash your kernel when you run ''synce-serial-start''. See bug report 1332550. You are very welcome to amend your experiences to the bug report!

Так вот второй случай как раз мой :-(

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Re: HP iPaq rx1950

Неужели больше ни кто не пробовал сей девайс в Linux?

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