Linux Kernel Developer position in SWsoft, Moscow



    Linux Kernel Developer

Position overview:
    SWsoft is rapidly growing software company aimed on server
    consolidation and automation solutions for Hosting Service
    Providers and enterprise markets. SWsoft provides a unique
    solution for virtualization and partitioning of Linux OS

    Expanding our business, we are seeking Linux Kernel Software
    Engineers, with experience and skills described below and
    willing to work in a professional team on challenging projects
    The ideal candidate should be enthusiastic, team-oriented and

    Office is situated in Dolgoprudniy in the building
    of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2km from Moscow
    and 15 mins from m. Altufevo). The company provides transport
    from m.Rechnoy Vokzal and m.Altufevo.

Major Responsibilities:
    - new Linux Kernel code (file systems, scheduling, quota,
      networking etc.)
    - porting of the existing code to new kernel version
    - bugfixing

Qualification & Requirements:
    - Strong C language skills (2+ years)
    - Strong knowledge of computer science algorithms and
      understanding of algorithm performance and complexity
    - Linux kernel coding experience (memory management, file
      systems, networking, drivers and other components)
    - Knowledge of IA-32 architecture and assembler language
    - Technical English

    - high salary (up to 3000$/month)
    - medical insurance
    - free meals


Re: Linux Kernel Developer position in SWsoft, Moscow

опять негров ищут

anonymous ()

Re: Linux Kernel Developer position in SWsoft, Moscow

аа это тот самый SWsoft? Вот как оно бывает, кинули пару разу хороших парней теперь доверия нет... доказывай что не негров ищете.

Banshee ()
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