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Christian Faulhammer <> 4 Jul to Alexis, Alexander Hi,

Alexis Ballier <>:

> Also what is a current way of adding latex packages, as g-ctan is
> not updated since latexlive-2011, any problems with it?

Hmm. You should ask Christian (in CC) but he is quite busy with real
life stuff.

g-ctan, despite its name, was to install updates from texlive; you can
still grab your packages from CTAN and write your own ebuilds if you
want. It is a lot of work if you want to update many packages, that's
why we use the texlive bundles instead. See dev-tex/pgf or dev-tex/mh
for examples.

From my point of view it could be dropped...updating it should not be that hard, but I really lack any free time for such things, especially proper testing. Real life means non-IT job and two little kids.


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