XWEM в GNU Emacs.



Читал про xwem, очень нравится идея. Но к сожалению я пользуюсь именно GNU Emacs (ИМХО для пользователя лучше). Поэтому вопрос: почему сабж не рабоает? (нигде не нашел четко описаных проблем, ткните носом если надо).

Re: XWEM в GNU Emacs.

I asked Zajcev Evgeny what limitations prevents running XWEM
under GNU Emacs.  Perhaps something to work on after the release...

Zajcev Evgeny <address@hidden> writes:

I did not looked too close to GNU Emacs, but at a time when i was
trying to port xwem to GNU Emacs i was faced to those problems:

  * Since Emacs is one thread, and both emacs and xwem needs their own
    event loop to work, it might look like xwem simple can't work
    under Emacs, but (S)XEmacs has nice interface to create new fake
    events for use by (S)XEmacsen events loop and posibility to
    enqueue this event into general events queue.  This is done by
    `enqueue-eval-event' function.  xwem needs to work with events -
    create new events (as they were originated from some other source
    like keyboard or mouse), modify existing events (change modifiers,
    key, button, time, channel - anything).  In other words Emacs must
    provide inteface for integration into its internal events loop.

  * xwem really depends on specifiers functionality provided by
    (S)XEmacs.  xwem extends specifiers, so domain of specifier can be
    xwem's client, window or frame.

  * xwem depends on internal representation of keymaps, since xwem's
    keymaps are normal Emacs keymaps, and only this allows many
    already written applications (such as `edmacro') to work with
    xwem.  As i remember 'lucid was not enought.

  * There may be other things, since xwem may use very huge amount of

I do really have nothing against GNU Emacs, i truly wish xwem to be
ported to GNU Emacs someday.  But it was hard for me to do it at time
when i tried, maybe because of lack of GNU Emacs experience and lack
of knowledge of its internal design and implementation.  And even if i
was able to port it, i simple can't support it, because i dont use GNU
Emacs ..

So anyone who interested in XWEM under GNU Emacs and can maintain it
under GNU Emacs is very very welcome, and we(xwem team) will help as
we can.

Thanks for your interest!

karma ()
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