win4lin, kernel 2.6.11-r5 проблема :( помогите пожалуйста



gentoo, 2.6.11-gentoo-r5, win4lin 5.1.1
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.00GHz
пропатчено вот этим:
ядро скомпилилось нормально, /etc/init.d/Win4Lin start запустился
Module                  Size  Used by
Win4Lin               289768  1 
mki_adapter            39524  1 Win4Lin
radeon                 73856  1 
drm                    58132  2 radeon
intel_agp              18716  1 
agpgart                27432  2 drm,intel_agp

пытаюсь запустить loadwindowsCD:
Checking the system.
A Windows boot floppy is needed to complete the load of
of Windows.

The Windows boot floppy must match the version of Windows
you are loading.

You can use a real floppy or image file of such a floppy.

Do you have an appropriate real Windows boot floppy now ? (y/n/q) n
Do you have an appropriate image file now ? (y/n/q) y
Enter the filename of the boot floppy image: /mnt/d_fat/Distributivs/oses/win98.img
Is /mnt/d_fat/Distributivs/oses/win98.img correct? (y/n/q) y
Copying the Windows files.
Set locale info for current system.
Pre-Installation Phase: Installing minimal DOS system...
Installing DOS system files.
Configuring DOS image files.
BIOS V2.09 Copyright 1984, 1985 Award Software Inc.
Quadtel Expanded Memory Manager Copyright(c) 1989, 1990 Quadtel Corp.
All Rights Reserved
Making MDA Image.
CODESET_NS: dos: ERROR: Translation of UNIX code set 'KOI8-R' is not supported.
    (Code set file '/usr/lib/merge/lcs/KOI8-R' was not found.  err=-1)

Using code set '8859' instead.
/usr/bin/mkimg: line 989:  8685 Segmentation fault      $DOSWINBINDIR/dos $KOPT +a$IMG_TYPE +aa:=$VSNAP $UMB_OPTION +b +c -e -l -p ver >>$NULL
WARNING: MDA image was not made.
WARNING: No image files were made.
WARNING: Images creation failed.
ERROR: Failed to make all DOS image files.
 Installation of DOS partialy failed.

ERROR: loadwindowsCD: The pre-installation of DOS has failed.
This is likely due to a damaged boot floppy or image, or one
that is incompatible with your Windows media.

куда копать дальше ? :(

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