диапазон адресов в ipfw



вырезка из man ipfw:

list: {num | num-num}[,list]
Matches all addresses with base address addr (specified as a dot-
ted quad or a hostname) and whose last byte is in the list
between braces { } . Note that there must be no spaces between
braces and numbers (spaces after commas are allowed). Elements
of the list can be specified as single entries or ranges. The
masklen field is used to limit the size of the set of addresses,
and can have any value between 24 and 32. If not specified, it
will be assumed as 24.
This format is particularly useful to handle sparse address sets
within a single rule. Because the matching occurs using a bit-
mask, it takes constant time and dramatically reduces the com-
plexity of rulesets.
As an example, an address specified as{128,35-55,89}
will match the following IP addresses:, to, . "

Вопрос. А как же задать не ласт? То есть, не последний сегмент адреса.

пример 1.(2-5).3.4


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