Не обновляется llvm-libs, clang и compiler-rt из-за mesa-git

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Проблема появляется при обновлении данных пакетов. Выдаёт ошибку:

разрешение зависимостей... проверка конфликтов... :: installing lib32-llvm-libs (10.0.0-1) breaks dependency 'lib32-llvm-libs=9.0.1' required by lib32-mesa-git :: installing llvm-libs (10.0.0-1) breaks dependency 'llvm-libs=9.0.1' required by mesa-git

Проблема решена. Нужно было откатиться до стабильного mesa, и обновить llvm, а потом снова установить mesa-git

Сообщение разработчика

Mesa and llvm are closely tied together. Everytime the llvm mesa is built against changes/updates , mesa needs to be rebuilt.

I expect anyone building mesa-git against one of the llvm trunk variants to be able to do that themselves, but atleast some of the people that built against repo llvm don't understand how to deal with such a rebuild.

The rest of this post is meant for those people.

Verify if latest PKGBUILD requirements match llvm repo versions. If they don't , post to alert me of this. Once the PKGBUILD does match, download it.

Option A - best one

run pacman -Syu to ensure your system is in sync with your mirrror server build mesa-git in a clean chroot

see for the official way or for an alternative method.

install the newly built mesa-git run pacman -Syu ready

Option B - 2nd best

revert to repo mesa pacman -Syu build mesa-git switch from mesa to mesa-git ready

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