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Yes. In koji, it has FTBFS (failed to build from source) for two releases, F30 and F31, probably because build dependencies have disappeared, so it has been retired (removed from the distro). I took a quick look at this. It depends on pygtk2 (python2), so it needs to be ported to python3 and gtk3 (there is a python3 package for gtk3, but its name isn’t obvious like python3-gtk3, so I can’t find it at the moment). I’m not familiar enough with gtk to know how much work this would be, but I presume it isn’t trivial substitution. Or it needs an exception, because at the end of this year python2 is EOL from upstream, though it will continue to be maintained in Fedora for a while to allow time to transition applications to python3. But for both of these, it would have to go through the new package process to be added back to the distro by a maintainer now that it is removed.

Нет, не выкинули. Просто эта гуишная формочка, где надо расставлять галочки была очень даже милой. Несомненно глуповатой и бесцельной, но прикольной. И мне тоже очень её жаль.

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