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Доступен ли CVS WineX-3.2 если да то как его загрузить а то старый способ cvs login cvs -z3 co wine у меня уже не работает а на transgamenge далее станици с лицензией не идёт


Re: Winex 3.2 CVS


WineX CVS Tree

The live CVS Tree for TransGaming's WineX (minus copy protection related code and texture compression, for now) is available through TransGaming's community website You can play with it to your heart's content, you can watch the changes we make as we go, and you can participate in detailed development discussions on our mailing list. The only thing you can't do is redistribute it for any commercial purpose. WineX is licensed under the Aladdin Free Public License, which prohibits commercial use of TransGaming's work. If you wish to use WineX commercially, please contact our sales team to arrange for alternative licensing arrangements.

Note: we do not provide official support for users (TransGamers or not) who wish to attempt to build WineX from source. Please also note that Point2Play is not available through CVS.

You can find the live CVS repository for WineX here.

To receive emails of all WineX CVS commits, join the mailing list (winex-cvs-logs), or view the archives, here.

To join the WineX development mailing list (winex-devel), or view the archives, click here.

To convert an existing CVS SourceForge checkout to the new CVS repository:

1. Download the cvschroot script from 2. sh cvschroot -d <path to your tree> winex 3. You should now be able to update CVS as usual

To checkout a new CVS respository:

1. cvs login 2. When prompted for the password enter "cvs" 3. cvs -z3 co winex

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