конечно можно. man smb.conf про intrfaces и bind interfaces only

grustnoe ★★

в секции global у меня в конце написано interfaces = eth1, а вот bind interfaces only я еще не слышал...


>конечно можно. man smb.conf про intrfaces и bind interfaces only

это воспринимает только smbd, nmbd на это наплевать.

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Ну так прикройте файрволлом...

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Ох-ох-ох :)
       bind interfaces only (G)
              This  global  parameter  allows  the Samba admin to
              limit what interfaces on a machine will  serve  SMB
              requests.  If affects file service smbd(8) and name
              service nmbd(8) in slightly different ways.

              For name service it causes nmbd to  bind  to  ports
              137  and 138 on the interfaces listed in the inter-
              faces  parameter.  nmbd  also  binds  to  the  "all
              addresses" interface ( on ports 137 and 138
              for the purposes of reading broadcast messages.  If
              this  option is not set then nmbd will service name
              requests on all of these sockets.  If  bind  inter-
              faces  only  is set then nmbd will check the source
              address of any packets coming in on  the  broadcast
              sockets and discard any that don't match the broad-
              cast addresses of the interfaces in the  interfaces
              parameter list.  As unicast packets are received on
              the other sockets it allows nmbd to refuse to serve
              names  to  machines  that  send packets that arrive
              through any interfaces not listed in the interfaces
              list.  IP  Source address spoofing does defeat this
              simple check, however so it must not be used  seri-
              ously as a security feature for nmbd.

grustnoe ★★
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