Как замонтировать раздел с фат так, чтобы прова на файлы выглядели бы как 666, а на каталоги 777 ? Если можно то и через fstab...

Imho nothig could help you :-)

You see, that in M$-Fat filesystem there are only 4 file attributes as ArHive, REad OnLy, Hidden. So, unix has much more attributes for files - better say permissions. So it shows you all files on FAT that they are all executable. Phisycally, it has no space to save spe cial attributes that you want(666&777) For more info read about mount, cause maybe it's only my 'bred' & i can have been mistaken. StF

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Re: mount

Ecли тебе нужно только убрать флаг исполнения пропиши в fstab в опциях noexec иначе попытайся mode=0666

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