клонирование WindowsXP средствами Linux



Что посоветуете чтобы ноходясь в Linux сделать image ntfs раздела,
если использовать dd то размер образа = размеру партиции, в то времяя если ghost исользовать то размер образа будет равен занятоме месту на партиции ntfs

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в ней есть компресс, но насчет того чтобы клонировать только сектора занятые реальными данными не знаю

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Package: partimage

Description: backup partitions into a compressed image file
 Partition Image is a partition imaging utility: it saves partitions
 in the Ext2FS  (the linux standard), ReiserFS (a new journaled and powerful
 file system), NTFS (Windows NT File System)  or FAT16/32 (DOS & Windows file
 systems) file system formats to an image file. Only used blocks are copied.
 The image file can be compressed in the GZIP/BZIP2 formats to save disk space,
 and split into multiple files to be copied onto removable media (ZIP for
 example), burned on a CD-R, etc.
 This makes it possible to save a full Linux/Windows system with a single
 operation.  In case of a problem (virus, crash, error, etc.), you just have
 to restore, and after several minutes, your entire system is restored
 (boot, files, etc.), and fully working.
 This is very useful when installing the same software on many machines: just
 install one of them, create an image, and just restore the image on all other
 machines. Then, after the first one, each installation is automatic made,
 and requires only a few minutes.

sdio ★★★★★
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The NTFS (Windows NT File System) is currently not fully supported: this means you will be able to save an NTFS partition if system files are not very fragmented, and if system files are not compressed. In this case, you will be able to save the partition into an image file, and you will be able to restore it after. If there is a problem when saving, an error message will be shown and you won't be able to continue. If you have successfully saved an NTFS NTFS partition, you shouldn't have problems as you restore it (except in the case of bugs). Then the best way is to try to save a partition to know if it is possible. If not, try to defragment it with diskeeper or another tool, and try to saving the partition again.

sdio ★★★★★
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