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Nick: Mirage1_
Полное имя: BPLA Alexander II & RMS Anrey
ID: 141486

Город: Fiangonana Kristianan' i Ziôna
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* Linux, Python, C and Turbo Pascal
* Freelance and self-employment
* Regional department of Communications and IT
* U.S. Department of Transportation (FMCSA) [2nd part of the project had blocked by FBI]
* Regional department of Social Development
* SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica) [Facebook and The US Federal Reserve System]
* project from co-founder of DOM.RU STOLICA, LLC
* Department for Administration of Excise Tax and Control over the Production and Turnover of Excisable Goods (UA)
* Federal Cadastral Chamber
* External API in Bash for Alekey's Sokirko AOT-RU morphological structure of russian words
* Regional Scientific Library
* Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics
* Computing Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences
* MICEX & MFE, at the consulting
* Central Research Institute, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
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