Oracle сертифицировал SLES8.0 и UL1.0



Собственно subj. Сертифицировали, слава богу.

Dear SuSE customers,

After announcing the 9iR2 RAC certification last week we are pleased to be able to announce the certification of the regular - non-cluster - 9iR2 database on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 and United Linux 1.0 (which is the core of SLES-8).

Our webpages at will be updated shortly. The installation documents and the orarun package on will also be updated, for example we had to use package gcc_old instead of gcc (2.95.3 instead of 3.2).


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Re: Oracle сертифицировал SLES8.0 и UL1.0

Вроде как встал.. пошел читать post-install guide. спасибо всем еще раз. :))

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