Объявлены сроки выхода FreeBSD 4.3



Jordan Hubbard опубликовал сроки выхода новой версии FreeBSD.

5 марта: замораживание -Stable ветки FreeBSD.
10 марта: Выход 4.3 Beta
20 марта: Выход 4.3 RC (релиз кандидат)
25 марта: Выход 4.3 Release

По предварительным прогнозам возможен выход ISO FreeBSD 4.3 как с packages так и без.


The source

Date:      Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:45:12 -0800
From:      Jordan Hubbard <>
Subject:   FreeBSD 4.3 RELEASE schedule
Message-ID:  <>

Hi guys,

People have been asking, so it's not too early to release a "rough
schedule" (subject to slippage if clearly required) for 4.3 and get
some feedback on it.

March 05:       Beginning of -stable branch code freeze
March 10:       FreeBSD 4.3-BETA
March 20:       FreeBSD 4.3-RC (RELEASE CANDIDATE)
March 25:       FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE

These dates are somewhat arbitrary but also based on long experience:
More than two candidate releases during a release cycle tends to be
unproductive and confusing when it takes many people up to a week to
even get around to testing one, for example.  Having a code freeze
last longer than 3 weeks or so also tends to be an exercise in
diminishing returns since most of the changes come either at the very
beginning or the very end of the cycle, so the dates have been set

I will also categorically state, however, that when I release the RC
this time it will be a definite *RELEASE CANDIDATE*.  This means that
nothing but the most critical last-minute release bogons will be fixed
between RC and -release and people who don't test the -RC as a full
release will likely be very little help in making the final release
everything it should be.  I will, of course, be making a full ISO
image (with packages) and FTP release bits available for 4.3-RC to
facilitate the most thorough testing possible.  With any luck, we'll
have the final release fully polished up and ready to go 5 days later.

By request of the security team, the 4.3-RELEASE tag will also be a
branch tag this time.  This is NOT to say that it will become a
"supported branch" in the same sense that 4.3-STABLE will be, I've
already expressed my firm opinions on the kind of developer support
nightmare that would be. This tag is strictly for "internal use" by
the security group and possibly by myself in doing point releases.
This is not a tag that other developers should be referencing, this is


- Jordan


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