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 Registering additional protocols

Hate it when you click on links and get "not a registered protocol" error messages?

mailto is not a registered protocol

You can have firefox use external programs to handle them or have firefox display the file as raw text.

Each protocol you want to register consists of two settings:

network.protocol-handler.external.protocol = boolean = /path/to/program

The first setting tells firefox whether to use an external program (true) or have firefox display it (false). The second setting tells firefox what program to run if you told it to use an external program. Please note that you can not use -'s in the path to program. See Bug #321306. protocol is the protocol you want to register, for example mailto, irc or aim:

File: about:config

network.protocol-handler.external.mailto = yes /* mailto:// links from firefox */
network.protocol-handler.external.irc = yes    /* irc:// links from firefox */
network.protocol-handler.external.aim = yes    /* aim:// links from firefox */ = /usr/bin/thunderbird /* use thunderbird */ = /usr/bin/xchat-2  /* use xchat */ = /usr/bin/gaim-remote uri  /* use gaim */

To integrate Firefox and Thunderbird, read Integrate Thunderbird and Firefox. This tip will show you how to open URLs from Thunderbird automatically in Firefox, and open Thunderbird when a mailto: link is clicked from within Firefox.

To integrate Firefox and xchat, read Integrate xchat with firefox. 

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