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Posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 by admin Category: General

As we’ve previously announced, has been the target of a directed attack. We have completed the first round of analysis, and have a much more solid picture of what happened, the extent of the impact, our plan to reduce future risk of attack. We’re still working hard on fixing things, but we wanted to share what we know with the community.

We discovered the attack on Wednesday, and have been working hard to get things back in order since then. While several boxes were compromised we believe we caught things before the attack escalated beyond its first stages.

Our early assessment of which services and hosts were impacted, and the choice to disable CVS, ishell, file uploads, and project web updates appears to have prevented any further escalation of the attack or any data corruption activities.

We expect to continue work on validating data through the weekend, and begin restoring services early next week. There is a lot of data to be validated and these tests will take some time to run. We’ll provide more timeline information as we have more information.

We recognize that we could get services back online faster if we cut corners on data validtion. We know downtime causes serious inconveniences for some of you. But given the negative consequences of corrupted data, we feel it’s vital to take the time to validate everything that could potentially have been touched.

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