[drv] Nvidia 190.16 (beta)



# Fixed a bug that caused glXGetVideoSyncSGI, glXWaitVideoSyncSGI, and glXGetRefreshRateSGI to operate on the wrong screen when there are multiple X screens.

# Fixed glXQueryVersion to report GLX version 1.4. NVIDIA's GLX version has been 1.4 for several releases, and was already reported as 1.4 in the GLX client and GLX server version strings.

# Fixed a problem that caused window border corruption when the screen is rotated.

# Fixed a bug that causes corruption or GPU errors when an application paints a redirected window whose background is set to ParentRelative on X.Org servers older than 1.5. This was typically triggered by running Kopete while using Compiz or Beryl.

# Added support for configuring the GPU PowerMizer Mode on GeForce 8 or later GPUs with multiple performance levels via nvidia-settings and NV-CONTROL.

# Fixed a bug in VDPAU that could cause visible corruption when decoding H.264 clips with alternating frame/field coded reference pictures, and a video surface is concurrently removed from the DPB, and re-used as the decode target, in a single decode operation. This affected all GPUs supported by VDPAU.

# Fixed a bug in VDPAU that could cause visible corruption near the bottom edge of the picture when decoding VC-1 advanced profile clips whose heights are not exact multiples of 16 pixels, on G98 and MCP7x (IGP) GPUs.

# Enhanced VDPAU to better handle corrupt/invalid H.264 bitstreams on G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, or GT200 GPUs. This should prevent most cases of "display preemption" that are caused by bitstream errors.

# Fixed an X server crash when using the VDPAU overlay-based presentation queue and VT-switching away from the X server.

# Enhanced VDPAU's detection of the GPU's video decode capabilities.

# Fixed a bug in VDPAU that could cause ghosting/flashing issues when decoding H.264 clips, in certain full DPB scenarios, on G98 and MCP7x.

# Fixed VDPAU to detect an attempt to destroy the VdpDevice object when other device-owned objects still exist. VDPAU now triggers "display preemption", and returns an error, when this occurs.

# Enhanced VDPAU's error handling and resource management in presentation queue creation and operation. This change correctly propagates all errors back to the client application, and avoids some resource leaks.

>Added support for configuring the GPU PowerMizer Mode on GeForce 8 or later GPUs

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