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The MetaPost team is happy to announce a new release of MetaPost:

MetaPost 1.201

The standalone distribution package and a win32 binary can be downloaded immediately from

This release will also be available from CTAN soon, and it will be included in the next TeXLive. The source package should compile normally on all systems that are capable of compiling a modern web2c-based TeX distribution.

The win32 binary is intended for texlive or a similar web2c-based installation, this executable will *not* work for miktex.

Of course, we welcome any comments (either good or bad) that you may have. Simply replying to this message is fine, but see the bottom of the message for a more formal way to report bugs and feature requests.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.201:

Bug fixes:

* There was a bug where sometimes the outer contour of a glyph that was asked for via 'glyph X of' was missing from te output, depending on the path drawing order inside the Type1 font.

* Handling of MPTEXPRE label prefix files was broken.

* Font subsetting for 8-bit characters in Type1 fonts was broken.

* The use of "%{outputtemplate}" inside "outputtemplate" now generates an error.

* The first letter of the input file name was swallowed in the log file.

* There is some rudimentary support for infinite recursion trapping now, to help prevent segfaults&crashes due to C call stack exhaustion.

* An unlucky change in glibc made compilation fail on new GNU/Linux systems due to multiple incompatible definitions of 'getline()'.

* There was a bug in the handling of quoted external commands for MPXCOMMAND | MPXMAINCMD | TEX.

* The main input file's opening brace and filename were not shown in the log file output.

* Non-colored picture objects (clipping and setbounds paths) are now ignored when the color part is asked from within "within", for backward compatibility reasons.

* The trip and trap files are now part of the distribution and the mptrap files have been updated.

* The standard web2c argv[0] mem file mimicri was broken: 1.200 was always looking for "mpost.mem" even when called under another name.

* The manual pages for "mpost" and "dvitomp" have been updated, and the old "mp" manual page has been removed.

* The first letter of any missing input file name was not shown in the terminal error message.

* Output files are now once again written in the current directoryeven if an explicit source directory is given. This includes the creation of mpx files, but some trickery is used so that up-to-date existing mpx files from the source directory take precedence.


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Мне нужен pdf :-)

Метапост я освоил, проблемы с большими числами меня достали.

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