предложение Novell и Omni для образовательных учреждений



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"Free the Penguins" Initiative Brings Next Generation of Desktop Virtualization to Schools

Omni™, Userful™ and Novell® have created an exciting initiative to bring Multi-station Linux Desktops to computer labs and classrooms around the globe.

Every university, college and school district in the world is entitled to a free 30-user Desktop Multiplier™ licence (software valued at $2,970, hardware not included). The first 30 customers will also receive a free 30-user subscription to SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell®.

Over 20,000 Multi-station Linux Desktops have already been deployed in education. We are confident that once you have given this low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to stand-alone Windows® desktops a try, you'll never want to go back!

Take advantage of this promotion to experience the value of Multi-station Linux Desktops. Allow up to 10 students to share a single PC. Dramatically reduce your hardware, maintenance and infrastructure costs—while cutting down on e-waste and CO2 emissions.


What You Need

* 5 PCs (6 users each) (estimated cost $3800)
* 15 dual-head video cards (available for $750 + shipping and handling)
* 30 USB HP keyboards & mice (available for $400 + shipping and handling)
* Powered USB hubs (optional)
* SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop (free 30-user licence for first 30 customers)
* Desktop Multiplier™ (included free with this promotion)


Я уж надеялся, они нетварь поставлять снова начали.

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> А 30 мониторов куда делись?

Обязательно на S-IPS, чтобы глаза не угробить детям. За 1700$ каждый.

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