Релиз less 481




Major changes between «less» versions 458 and 481

  • Don't overwrite history file; just append to it.
  • New command ESC-G goes to end of currently buffered data in a pipe.
  • Disable history feature when compiled with LESSHISTFILE set to "-".
  • In more-compatible mode, make the -p option apply to every file opened, not just the first one.
  • In more-compatible mode, change the -e option to work like -E, not -EF.
  • Treat multiple CRs before LF are like one CR (all the CRs are hidden).
  • Allow «extra» string in lesskey file to append to a multi-char command (like a search pattern), without executing the command.
  • Ignore -u/-U setting while viewing help file, so that underline and bold chars are displayed correctly.
  • Improve detection of «binary» files in UTF-8 mode.
  • Fix bug with ++ commands.
  • Fix bug where prompt was sometimes not displayed with +G.
  • Fix possible memory corruption
  • Fix bugs and improve performance in ampersand filtering.
  • Automate construction of Unicode tables from Unicode database.
  • Allow %% escape sequence in LESSOPEN variable.

Признавайся, ты принёс этот ченджлог исключительно ради номера версии?

Stahl ★★☆

Там ещё что-то исправлять надо?!

Reedych ★☆

Ждем обновлений cat.

Klymedy ★★★★★


Хрому есть к чему стремиться.

ptah_alexs ★★★★★

Fix bugs and improve performance in ampersand filtering.


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