Void Linux: это че за хрень?

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We care about your needs

In the last few month Void has grown to a point where we no longer can ignore the users needs and wishes. We noticed that we don’t know what you expect from a distribution like Void Linux and we decided to change this.

Starting from today we plan to let every user participate in our upcoming package statistic database. Not only that, we are also optimising your experience with Void Linux based on your personal process table (ps) and your .bash_history, using a small cron job.

This information will let us focus our efforts, and make the work we do help you more. This service, just like Void, will be provided free of charge.

But that’s not all: Together with the statistics we’re starting to improve password security! Every Void system will get a PAM service that sends your password to one of our secured Amazon cloud servers and check it there against our password policies. We hope to use this information to help our users become as secure as they can be.

With these cloud based solutions we believe that we can increase both the user experience and Void’s system security. Stay excited!

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