Влияние продолжительного пребывания в космосе на близнецов.

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В толксках потёрли, так хоть здесь оставлю более детальный скрипт короткого видео.

Все помнят лысого веселого астронавта? У него есть близняшка-тоже-астронавт, который долго не летал. НАСА собрало по ним данные. В статье говорится что всё несколько оптимистично, но не очень. После возвращения на Землю, большинство изменений откатываются к нормальным параметрам.

Однако подопытному повезло меньше:

DNA damage and altered gene activity weren’t the only changes that persisted after Scott landed: he also didn’t perform as well on cognitive tests as he did before and during the flight (nor did he perform as well as his brother). These tests measured things like memory, attention, emotion recognition, risk-taking, and they’re specifically designed for astronauts, according to Mathias Basner, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine who led the cognitive testing effort. “Taking an off-the-shelf test geared toward the general population doesn’t really work for astronauts because many of these tests aren’t really difficult enough for them,” he says.

For the six months after he landed, Scott was slower and less accurate on most of the tests, Basner’s team found. The decreases weren’t huge, according to Basner. “It is a relevant cognitive decline, but it’s not to a degree where he would stop functioning,” he says. The team can’t explain what’s going on. It could be Earth’s gravity, long-term changes to the brain from spaceflight, or that Scott had just retired and had a busy schedule after landing, Basner says. “We will never be able to say for sure because we only have one subject.”


На мой взгляд, вот эта фраза тут ключевая:

We will never be able to say for sure because we only have one subject.

Это я к тому, что делать какие-то выводы по одному (!) человеку невозможно.

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девяноста процентам населения даже капитан не поможет это осознать

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