Вакансия Senior Perl Developer (Санкт-Петербург)



Компании Sperasoft ( требуется старший разработчик Perl. Работа в проекте для американского заказчика.

Senior Perl Developer

Analyzing, designing, coding, and maintaining an in-house designed, Perl based, build and deployment application.


•   Development application, utilizing a mixture of the following technologies: Perl, CGI, HTML, and JavaScript. •   Advanced Perl object oriented coding in both Unix and Windows environments. •   Evaluating feasibility of pre-determined bug fixes and enhancements. •   Gathering requirements. •   Designing efficient, testable, and reusable software modules. •   Writing, reviewing, testing, and debugging software code. •   Providing support and enhancements for deployed solutions. •   Develop and maintain requirements documentation and functional specifications.


•   Expert in advanced Perl development, 5+ years experience required. •   Expert knowledge of object oriented (OO) design and programming principles. •   Strong understanding and working knowledge of CGI, HTML, and JavaScript. •   Strong understanding and working knowledge of version control systems (Perforce, CVS, RCS, etc.). •   Familiarity with Unix and Windows environments. •   Understanding and working knowledge of Unix shell scripting. •   Understanding and working knowledge of basic Unix OS support. •   Understanding and working knowledge of Apache. •   BS or MS Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent. •   Good written and verbal communication skills. •   Good written and spoken English.

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Неплохо. Может мне к вам в Питер перебраться?

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> Теперь это тред о том, что PERL RIP.
Не важно, там на сайте ещё и Java, и C++ есть, и тимлид, и даже тестеры. Правда, про бенефиты ни слова :(
А ещё Requirements и Responsibilities для Perl Developer скопипастились :)

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Perl based, build and destroy application.

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