Кто использовал? расскажите про процесс создания и монтирования? у меня основная проблема в том, что оно просит пароль не меньше 20 символов, как сделать меньше?


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Ну еп, самый умный? прочитай мой вопрос повнимательней
Я же спросил, у кого получалось сделать с паролем <20 символов.

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Improved Approach

This chapter is based on the previous one. Only the differences are decribed.

A great disadavtage of the solution above is, that you have to remember and type in a password of at least 20 characters. This without typing errors.

Another disadvantage is, that it is impossible to change the password after setup without repeating the setup process (and loosing all data).

But there is the following solution:

   1. store the password in a file, e.g. /key
   2. now encrypt this file symmetrically with GPG:
      gpg -c /key
   3. the file with the unencrypted key should be backed up in a safe, end removed from the harddisk:
      wipe /key
   4. now setup the partition so, that it can be decrypted with the (simpler) GPG key for the encrypted key file, and the harddisk is decrypted with the decrypted key file:
      losetup -e AES526 -K /key.gpg /dev/loop4 /dev/hda3
   5. don't forget to format (mkfs.reiserfs) and free the loop (losetup -d)
   6. add the following line to file /etc/fstab:
      /dev/hda3 /privat reiserfs loop,encryption=AES256,gpgkey=/key.gpg
      (optional with noauto,user)
   7. now, when you mount it, you can enter the GPG password

You can change the GPG by simply decoding it (gpg -d key.gpg), and then reencode it with a new password. The key for the harddisk can still not be changed.

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Повторяю еще раз.
Мне надо, что бы он спрашивал пароль, и была возможность задать пароль, длиною меньше 20 символов.

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