StuntRally 2.5

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Поскольку сам не играю, постить новость не стал.

  • 167 tracks (20 New)
  • 5 New sceneries: Surreal, Stone, Space, Alien, BlackDesert


  • Renamed all tracks with 3 letter prefixes, showing short name in list
  • On Replays tab there is a button to «Rename All Old» replays,ghosts and records


  • New challenges and championships
  • Solid fluids (e.g. ice, lava, added in editor fluids mode, but solid and flat)
  • Rewind cooldown, after rewind 1 sec delay until next use is possible
  • Fixed game setup update in multiplayer (before was updated only after track change)

GUI - Tracks list

  • Now with short name, difficulty and length ratings (in default short view)
  • Selectable columns, and filtering, button Y, Ctrl-F twice to toggle


  • Fixed black terrain on ATI/AMD Radeon cards
  • Many smaller fixes
  • Changed translations, more info for strings, own program to generate .pot, topic, Wiki
  • New user log files with errors and warnings only, ogre.err and ogre_ed.err


  • Easier on pipe creating, mark (key 8) now also moves pipe down (ctrl-8 the old way)
  • On pipe sections now marked on minimap as orange
  • Up/down keys working in pick window and objects lists, buildings groups list
  • Checkbox to ignore all «Wrong checkpoint» messages on track (for curly tracks where checks overlap road)
  • Better checkpoints in pipe, now in center and radius 1


  • Reference graph for tires, loading tires


  • Reworked Road_Rebuild.cpp, cleaner, data stucts, split to Road_Prepass.cpp
  • Split common .cfg to settings_com.h and cpp specMap_rgb option in .mat (for rgb only specular maps)
  • Check if tracks and cars exist before replay load
  • Fixed most CppCheck warnings

Скачать убийцу НФС с реалистичной физикой

Ну да, много интересных трасс, приятная графика в целом, но чего-то нехватает... может слишком аркадная. Хотя, гонок с физикой и так много в последнее время.

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