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:help beep

*'visualbell'* *'vb'* *'novisualbell'* *'novb'* *beep* 'visualbell' 'vb' boolean (default off) global {not in Vi} Use visual bell instead of beeping. The terminal code to display the visual bell is given with 't_vb'. When no beep or flash is wanted, use ":set vb t_vb=". Note: When the GUI starts, 't_vb' is reset to its default value. You might want to set it again in your |gvimrc|. In the GUI, 't_vb' defaults to "<Esc>|f", which inverts the display for 20 msec. If you want to use a different time, use "<Esc>|40f", where 40 is the time in msec. Does not work on the Amiga, you always get a screen flash. Also see 'errorbells'.

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set vb t_vb=

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