mplayer - где туплю?



[admel@net kkk]$ mplayer -screenw 600 -screenh 800 -vo x11 -framedrop StarWars2.avi

MPlayer CVS-020603-07:00-2.96 (C) 2000-2002 Arpad Gereoffy (see DOCS!)

CPU: Intel Celeron 2/Pentium III Coppermine,Geyserville (Family: 6, Stepping: 6)
CPUflags: MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 1 SSE2: 0
Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 SSE

Reading /home/admel/.mplayer/codecs.conf: 34 audio & 94 video codecs
Font /home/admel/.mplayer/font/font.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
Linux RTC init error in ioctl (rtc_pie_on): Permission denied
Using usleep() timing
Input config file /home/admel/.mplayer/input.conf parsed : 50 binds

Playing StarWars2.avi
Detected AVI file format!
VIDEO: [DIV3] 512x250 24bpp 23.98 fps 608.1 kbps (74.2 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
Software: Nandub v1.0rc2
Detected audio codec: [mp3] afm:1 (MPEG layer-2, layer-3)
Opening audio decoder: [mp3lib] MPEG layer-2, layer-3
AUDIO: 22050 Hz, 2 ch, sfmt: 0x10 (2 bps), ratio: 8000->88200 (64.0 kbit)
vo: X11 running at 600x800 with depth 24 and 32 bits/pixel (":0.0" => local display)
Requested video codec family [ffdivx] (vfm=5) not available (enable it at compile time!)
Opening video decoder: [odivx] DivX5Linux lib (odivx mode)
pp 0
VDec: vo config request - 512 x 250 (preferred csp: Planar YV12)
[PP] Using codec's postprocessing, max q = 9
Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied.
VO: [x11] 512x250 => 512x250 Planar YV12
Using MMX2 for colorspace transform
Disabling DPMS
stat: 1
Detected video codec: [odivx] vfm:3 (OpenDivX (MPEG-4 v2))
AO: [oss] 22050Hz 2ch Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian)
audio_setup: sample format: Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian) (requested: Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian))
audio_setup: using 2 channels (requested: 2)
audio_setup: using 22095 Hz samplerate (requested: 22050)
audio_setup: frags: 16/16 (4096 bytes/frag) free: 65536
Start playing...

ну почему 512 на 250 ????



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