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-c n Do not handle more than n simultaneous connections. If there are
n simultaneous copies of prog running, defer acceptance of a new
connection until one copy finishes. n must be a positive inte-
ger. Default: 40.

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а если для каждого IP, а не для всех? и какой то интервал поставить что ли... как то жесткавато получилось..

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Это как раз для /32, а не «для всех». man iptables:

Allows you to restrict the number of parallel connections to a server per client IP address (or client address block). 
[!] --connlimit-above n 
Match if the number of existing connections is (not) above n. 

--connlimit-mask prefix_length 
Group hosts using the prefix length. For IPv4, this must be a number between (including) 0 and 32. For IPv6, between 0 and 128. 

# allow 2 telnet connections per client host 
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --syn --dport 23 -m connlimit --connlimit-above 2 -j REJECT 
# you can also match the other way around: 
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --syn --dport 23 -m connlimit ! --connlimit-above 2 -j ACCEPT 
# limit the number of parallel HTTP requests to 16 per class C sized network (24 bit netmask) 
iptables -p tcp --syn --dport 80 -m connlimit --connlimit-above 16 --connlimit-mask 24 -j REJECT 
# limit the number of parallel HTTP requests to 16 for the link local network 
(ipv6) ip6tables -p tcp --syn --dport 80 -s fe80::/64 -m connlimit --connlimit-above 16 --connlimit-mask 64 -j REJECT

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